Here’s How You Can Build Your Very Own Home Workspace with

As much as we’d like to be spending the year doing what we usually do, the new norm thanks to COVID unfortunately permits no such thing.

Many of us have been either been working from since the pandemic began, or going to the office on a rotation basis but either way, one thing’s for sure – we’ve been spending way more time at home. And will continue to do so – as of now.

The importance of working from home yet having a healthy, balanced life cannot be stressed enough. And when you work, play, rest and eat from that very same place, it does not help your mental health and this hope of achieving a work-life balance one bit.

Just take a look at number 1 of this article by Forbes on ‘How to maintain work life balance when working from home’.

With that in mind, we’ve got some suggestions on how you too can achieve this necessary balance by creating a cozy, inspirational and inexpensive home office of sorts.

*all items were available, and pricing is accurate on the publish date of this article


While you may not feel the impact of having poor posture just yet, believe us, after long enough you’ll be regretting not having a proper study/work desk for where, quite honestly, you spend a majority of your day.


From a proper, ergonomic chair to having a monitor that’s eye-level, these are items worthy of investment which will have your back and neck thanking you in future.

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You’re likely to have files, important documents, books, stationary and more to complement the need of working from home. Why not have it all easily accessible and properly (and neatly) stored in shelves, book racks or random storage units?


We don’t know about you guys, but having a home office that’s personalized and cozy helps spark creative inspiration for us. After all, it’s YOUR home and you can very well decorate it as you please! From a nice lamp, to a poster of your favorite band or some plants perhaps for that splash of green? Maybe a printer and/or scanner for convenience? With over 50 categories and as Malaysia’s largest online marketplace, we’re pretty sure you’d even surprise yourself with what can be found on

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We hope that this helps with getting the basics of a new home office/workspace sorted! But as mentioned, with over 50 categories and more than a million items being sold, you should be able to customize your own workspace to exactly how you want it to look like.

We hope that sparked some inspiration on how to make this whole WFH thing slightly more enjoyable. Feel free to share some of your own creative ideas that you’ve incorporated!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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