Home Maintenance is EASY with Mudah.my

Having a household emergency? Need something fixed? No idea who to reach out to or where to even begin?

Part of owning a home is the realization that things can and will go wrong when you least expect or want it to. From power trips to leaking pipes, finding movers or hiring cleaners, wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a site that offered solutions to these common household problems? Oh wait, there is, and it’s called Mudah.my.

Here are some of the services for your home you can find on Mudah.my so the next time something goes wrong, you’re just a click away from a peace of mind!


Clogged sinks? Low water pressure? Leaking pipes? Plumbing issues are just about the worst! At Mudah.my, you’ll find a whole bunch of plumbers offering their services.


The last thing you want is an A/C repairman who for some reason, always finds something new that’s faulty with your air conditioner at home. Having a go-to, reliable person who knows what needs to be serviced or fixed and spares you from unnecessary replacements is highly useful!


It can get rather tiring constantly repeating your rehearsed instructional brief each time new cleaners come around. Familiarity and trust is important when engaging with cleaners on a regular basis, so while the initial stages may be a hit or miss, once you’ve found the right ones, things get so much easier.


Need to fix an awning? Or maybe get a new gate or door installed? Cracked tiles? Unless you’re Tim Taylor from Home Improvement, chances are you’re gonna need some help from people who actually do this for a living.


Some of the most common household electrical problems include short circuits, switches not working, power trips and perhaps the fixing and installation of new appliances. As much as you’d like to attempt fixing these things on your own, some things are better left to the professionals.


While you may not need transportation services or movers on the regular, you’ll likely still need a reliable moving service that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Do your research, make some calls, find someone with the right-sized lorry/truck for what you need to move and try to make some price comparisons as well.

So, there you have it. A whole bunch of useful services for your household that can all be found on Mudah.my! But that’s not all, some other services that may be of interest to you also found on Malaysia’s largest marketplace include CCTV installations, tutors, caterers, sound system and canopy rentals and even tailors. Here’s to resolving all your home needs and wants!