Premium Services and its Benefits

“Why should I pay extra when I can just get my ad up on Mudah for free?” Ah, isn’t that the million-dollar question. One we aim to address and hopefully clear all doubts about with this article. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Premium Services, as the name suggests, is an optional (but highly beneficial and effective) add-on feature available for all users with the main objective being to help get more visibility for your ads which in turn, increases the likelihood of ad replies in higher quantities and in a shorter time frame.

But here at, we like to… well, keep your life as “Mudah” and convenient as possible so you have a few options of Premium Services to choose from. Starting with…


If you’re familiar with forums, you may have seen people responding with “Bump!” in some threads and the reason for this is pretty simple. A “Bump” is used when a post or in our case, an ad listing hasn’t gotten any replies and has been pushed lower as more and more new ads come in. In other words, “Bump” allows your ad to go on top of the listing as if it had just been put online. users currently have the option of choosing between 1, 7 or 14 days to have your ad “bumped”.

But if that isn’t enticing enough, there are also some backing statistics that indicate “Bumped” ads have a 77% higher ad-reply rate as compared to non-bumped ad listings (based on an analysis of 100 “bumped” and “non-bumped” ads from the Property Segment, 2019,


Sometimes, you may want to sell something and sell it fast! And we get it, hence the option of marking your ads as “Urgent”. Urgent ads will have the ‘Urgent’ logo in the listing and ad view pages. Depending on which category your ad falls under, different rates apply and similarly, there are varying lifespans for your Urgent ads as well.


You know how Bangsar and TTDI are prime locations for billboard ads? Think of Featured Ads as billboards placed strategically on Mudah’s website where it is most visible (prime locations). These Featured Ads can be found on the right panel of all listing pages but they even show up after searches on based on relevant keywords and even after a search matching the category and/or region of the ad.

“Hey! I paid and posted up a Featured Ad, but I don’t see it!” Fret not, that’s only because it shares the space with other ads but thanks to the millions of pageviews on, it will still be shown thousands of times!

You’ll get Featured ads on even the mobile site and the app (available on both Android and iOS). This in turn, allows your ad to reach 70% more users, thus ensuring more visibility! Featured Ads are available for the duration choice of either 7 or 30 days.


This is pretty self-explanatory. The ‘Edit Ads’ function allows you to make changes to the description and details of your existing ad. It is important to note though that each ad post should be for one intended purpose only.

The ‘edit’ function should only be used in the case of inaccuracies or to correct mistakes in your ad’s messaging and not to be used to post up a new ad. For example, for the ‘Jobs and Services’ category, if an employer or recruitment agency has vacant positions in different locations to offer, they are required to place separate ads for each vacant position and location.


With Highlight Ads, your ad listing gets a glorious makeover with a different colour, bigger thumbnail and even a bigger listing space for 5 days.

At this point of time, Highlight Ads are only applicable under the Cars, Car Accessories, Property and Jobs categories that meet certain requirements.


That’s great to hear! All you have to do now is visit your ad, click on the ‘Delete or Edit Ad’ link at the top of the page, then select your Premium Service of choice. Next, choose your payment method then enter the password of your ad at the bottom of the page, and click ‘Continue’. Voila, now just wait for the magic to happen!


For more info on’s Premium Services and their respective rates, click HERE .