Preparing for Chinese New Year with

And so, the festivities kick in again with the first of 2020 being the Lunar New Year or as we’re more familiar with locally, the Chinese New Year. This year’s celebration is a little more special because it’s the year of the rat and what this means is that the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac will begin afresh once again.

That’s right, it’s the year of new beginnings and renewals, a great year to evolve and work towards those goals, dreams and aspirations of yours. As with tradition, it also marks the time for family reunions, good food and celebration. We at thought we’d help you out a little by listing some stuff found on Malaysia’s largest marketplace that you may just need in time for this year’s Chinese New Year.


Did you know is home to some really talented bakers and cooks? And we’re talking about some good ol’ fashioned home-cooked/baked goodies too! Well, now you do. Whether it’s ‘Ba Hu Rolls’, ‘Kuih Kapit’, Pineapple Tarts, Peanut Cookies or an assortment of yummy cakes, you can put aside your dietary resolutions during this CNY period and just give in to temptation.




It’s time for Ang Pow collectors to get into a frenzy once again what with so many brands, companies and designers churning out their creative, unique and some even downright quirky ang pow designs. As for us, we’re not fussed as long as there’s money in it. So, if you’re one of those collectors, you’ll be pleased to know that you can find a variety of limited edition, cute, cool and even downright random ang pows right here on


Speaking of awesome ang pows, you can now win’s very own limited edition Ang Pow packets. All you gotta do is just log-in through the App to stand a chance of winning them. Best of luck! 


Whether you’re actually familiar with “pong” and “kong” or if it’s just you wanting to give your elder family members something to do over CNY, or just want to have a fancy-looking mahjong set to display, you’ll be able to find ‘em here in There are also travel sets and even tables (there’s one which comes with a USB charger too!) to choose from.


LEGO is back again with its latest CNY sets and for 2020, they’ve released the LEGO Lion Dance and Traditional Temple Fair. Last year, it was the Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner set which fortunately, is also still available on The Lion Dance set vividly reproduces a well-loved scene of the Spring Festival and is sure to evoke fond memories of the traditional festival while the Chinese New Year Temple Fair set captures a beloved event often seen in towns and cities throughout China around the lunar new year.

Whatever your preference, avid collectors or those simply looking for a fun family activity should not miss out on getting their hands on these.


Usher in the new year by attracting good fortune! Decorations during Chinese New Year are significant to welcome good and harmonious energy into homes, with a majority of Feng Shui-related items carrying symbols of prosperity, longevity and happiness. From bronze dragon statues to brass coins or of course, golden rat statues, get a good flow of Feng Shui going in your home with these items today.


Arowanas have for a long, long time been considered a symbol of good luck bestowing health, wealth, happiness and more to their owners. And then there are Flower Horns (Hua Luo Han), vividly colourful fishes also symbolizing good luck with black markings on both sides of its body which people believe make out words, pictures of items or of course, numbers. Other fishes believed to also represent wealth in Feng Shui include Koi and Goldfish, all of which can also be found on!


Chances are, you’ll be making some trips during this coming festive period. And since it’s no secret that Malaysia has one of the highest death rates from road accidents in Asia and Asean, we at urge you to heed extra caution behind the wheel this CNY. Whether it’s a new set of tyres, fancy new rims, restocking on the necessary oil and car fluids or getting a baby car seat for your child, take no risks and heed caution while on the roads. Do your research, find what you need on Mudah and only make the purchase when you’re certain of the item and the seller.


Thinking of getting finally getting that paint job done before CNY? Isn’t this also about the time the Malaysian sun comes out in its full blazing glory and our ACs decide to fail on us? And don’t forget about all that cleaning up you’ll have to do after having guests over. If only there was a marketplace that also makes it easy to hire people for these services. Oh, wait! has all that – and more. You’re welcome.


We hope you guys find this list of CNY essentials useful. From all of us at, Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the rat bring you an abundance of health, success, prosperity and happiness.