Property Crowdfunding Framework to Support Home Ownership

1. Innovative Mechanism

Leverage on Technology-enabled and innovative mechanism for first-time homebuyers.

2. Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding

Adopt the existing P2P crowdfunding framework.

3. Listings of Properties

Listing of individual property purchase proposal by first-time homebuyers for the selection of crowdfunding investors.

4. Investment

Investment tradable in a secondary market.

5. Final Balanced of Purchased Price

P2P Crowdfunding to finance the necessary balance purchase price of the proposed first home.

6. New License Issued by Securities Commission

New license or licenses shall be issued by SC for new recognized market operator.

7. Understanding Platform Operators

Main Roles

  • Listing of qualified properties available to be purchased by interested first-time homebuyers.
  • Operate a secondary market for investors to trade their investment notes.
  • Centralised contact point between a homebuyers and the investors.

Obligations & Responsibilities

  • Due diligence on both the homebuyers and the hosted properties.
  • Perform proper valuation before hosting the property on the platform.
  • Disclosure of application fees, charges and incentives.

Key Requirements

  • Minimum paid up capital at RM20 million
  • Ready and able to operate the secondary market for the investment notes.
  • Appointment of a responsible person.

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Host properties on the platforms.
  • Operate a secondary market.
  • Host a forum for discussion on the offerings.
  • Standardise documentation relating to the scheme.


  • Provide financial assistance to homebuyers or investors.
  • Offer investment advise.
  • Negotiate terms for and on behalf any third parties.

8. Additional features of the Crowdfunding Model

  • All or nothing approach: If fund raised does not meet the target, no deal or no money will be returned immediately to the investors.
  • Trust account to hold funds pending completion of the campaign.
  • Disclosure of material adverse changes for the entire campaign period.
  • Released of the fund raised directly to the developer upon a successful campaign.
  • Internal dispute resolution mechanism by the platform.

9. Homebuyers 101


  • First residential property only.
  • Malaysian only at least 21 years old.
  • Never owned a property solely or jointly.
  • Funding limit up to 90% of the Purchase Price only.

Eligible Property

  • Purchased from developer.
  • Newly completed property within 24 months from valid certificate of completion and compliance.
  • Valued at RM500k and below at the time of hosting the platform.
  • Properties in Malaysia only.


  • No selling or transfer of ownership during the tenure.
  • Owner occupied only and allow to rent out rooms in the home but not entirely.