Simple Marketplace Safety Tips


As Malaysia’s largest marketplace, we have a sense of responsibility in ensuring that your entire experience on – be it to find, buy and/or sell stuff, is made as convenient, smooth and more importantly, as safe as possible.

Of course, it takes two hands to clap and on the safety front, we’ve taken certain measures to help make your Mudah experience a safer one. Take for example, our Chat feature which allows you to get in touch with sellers for queries and makes reporting possible scammers/fraudsters easier. For’s ‘Auto’ segment, we’ve even recently implemented the ‘Vehicle Value’ feature which allows comparisons of a particular vehicle to its average market value based on Mudah’s in-house proprietary pricing model.

Similarly, if illegal goods or items are found or any seller is suspected of not complying to’s Rules of Advertising, you can get in touch with our Customer Service team to report such incidents.

In addition to the implemented safety initiatives by Mudah, here are some important safety tips you should be aware of and put into practice when making purchases:

When in doubt, just remember the 3 C’s:

With all these tips and pointers in mind, here’s to you having a stress-free and safe marketplace buying or selling experience!