Staying Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

While the whole idea of staying at home might have been initially exciting for some, given time, feelings of restlessness, boredom or lack of productivity may kick in. It’s only normal considering the fact that we’re home all day (while some have slowly started going back to offices in rotations or shifts) and we’d want to make the best of the time at hand.

Why not use this time to brush up some skills, do some spring cleaning or learn something new? has just what you need:

Learn a New Music Instrument

You wouldn’t really bring a guitar or a drum kit to the office to play in between your breaks or to kill some time would you? Of course not. But you’re at home now. The time you would’ve spent chit chatting at the pantry or going out for some “fresh air” can now instead be used to throw in a few practice sessions on your favourite instrument. Don’t have one yet? Just browse through Mudah and choose from over 20,000 music instruments HERE.

Pick up Editing/Designing

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If you’ve ever considered learning some new skills be it for photo or video editing yet own a prehistoric piece of computer that takes about 15 minutes to start-up, then you sound like you need a new computer. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some awesome bargains and offers on affordable laptops and computers right HERE on

Work on Photography

We’re not sure if you’ve realized this but Mother Nature has sort of been given a break what with this whole MCO thing going on. And where we are, we’re constantly greeted by the lovely sight of birds happily visiting our garden, butterflies and there have even been some beautiful sunsets. If, like us, you feel this would be the best time to start learning the proper art of snapping photos (selfies don’t count), then you should check out all the accessories, gear and cameras available on!

Declutter and/or Redecorate Your Home

Along with the MCO, comes the realization that working from home can be made as comfortable as possible – with a little tidying up! Plus, if you’re getting a new workstation (a desk, a new chair etc.), space is something you’ll be needing. If you’ve got some unwanted stuff that you’d like to sell off, you can do so HERE. And now with that extra space, you can check out some of the home décor and furniture available on our marketplace HERE.

Get a New Kitchen Appliance to Try New Recipes!

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Sourdough bread and banana bread are all the hype but don’t that limit you! Work those culinary skills with the right equipment. A new oven, blender or food processor may just be what you need to test out all those new recipes!


If you’re still iffy about heading to the gym just yet and aren’t comfortable jogging outdoors, you shouldn’t be putting off exercising completely! Exercising truly clears your mind, lifts your spirits and you don’t need to build an entire complex gym in your home to achieve this. A yoga mat perhaps? A bench exercise machine? An elliptical trainer or a treadmill? Here at, we’ve got all types of affordable home-gym equipment for your journey of a healthier lifestyle, just a click away!


We don’t know for certain what the days ahead for us is going too like. There are feelings of uncertainty, worry, anxiety and stress, and let’s not even forget about what our frontliners are going through! The best you can do is not worry about what you cannot control and focus on the now. Make the best of your time and don’t let COVID-19 stop you from leading the healthy, happy and productive life you should be leading!

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