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Here’s What Some of Our Existing Mudah Community Have to Say πŸ˜‰

Lee Rec

Very good apps. Easy and fastest way to sell preloved items. Absolutely 5 stars

Kok Hee

Easy to use and really can sell out the thing u dont want.. but maybe is useful for other ppl.

Hafeez Ridzuan

Definitely Mudah! (Easy) It's easy whether to advertise my things or to find things I want.

Jyee Loo

My fav selling and buying app at all timesπŸ˜€ Love the ads given our product can sell faster.

Aznan Mohd

I sold my item in less than 2 days. Good experience for me.

Roy Man

It good app and very helping to me if i want to find anything or if i want to sell my own thing to promote.

Banu Banu

Really a good app which really helps and supports me during the Mco...Thanks Mudah!

Arif Young

Mudah is just great. Just simple user friendly. Can get thing done to sell or to buy. I had great experience at Mudah.

Tan Beng Tuck

It's easy to sell with just few simple steps, u can just upload your ad within few minutes.

Enginium Syahmi

Really great apps to sell your unused item or for you to find rare or collectors item.

Eddy Lim

Extremely fast selling your products!!

Soo YM

It's very convenient & hassle free selling items on Mudah App. I always manage to sell my items or rent my rooms out easily.

Nazarrudin Bushrah

Good platform for buy and sell. Good apps and easier to use than the website. Have been user for more than 10 years.

Abdul Talib Hamzah

Its convenient for everybody to sell and to find items that everyone need. Very useful apps.

Rajyogini Shiva

Love this app so much, it's a wonderful marketplace that u can find anything to buy or u can sell your item here too πŸ˜‰

Toledo Tourbillion

There is is a chat that notifies you when buyers are interested. I reached a lot of customers and sold my things easily.

I Sabinus

Love it. One of the most best methods to sell and buy especially used items, goods or even equipments

Sly Brant

I used to search what I need. I also use it for sell my items. Easy to find and easy to sell. Thx Mudah. It's so MUDAH..

Banu Rynasylvia

Great App..! The Fastest And Easiest Way To Find Income And Buying Things...!!Thank You For Everyone And Mudah.....

Kent Wong

Really easy use, easy post, easy sold. Very efficient, love to use it. Thumb u.

Mat Adam

Nice app, I can use this app to advertise something, and I can also find good stuff in this app to buy.

Siew Keanseng

This is my apps for everything and easy and so convenient. You just shoot it, post it and sell it. Successfully and confidently done it many times

Warisan Emas Design & Construction

Convenient for shopping and selling. Fast dealing, easy marketing, reached many potential buyer just the minute you placed your item/product.

Elizabeth Ball

Easy to upload photos and create ads. If you have your photos and description ready, an an can be created in 2 minutes max.

Nasir Fieza

😎 For Mudah, you can do your business in any where and at any time, all you need is a smartphone, simply Share or Copy & Paste... and you will start getting an income πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°...its that simple, convenient and easy! No gimmick. You have nothing to lose in this business ...

Aliyen Aadi

This is really helpful for both buyer and seller because through this direct marketing can possible. I personally love this app a lot.

Rajakumari Naidu

Excellent platform for buying and selling almost any item. It is very easy and convenient to just take photos and post it. Thank you very much for giving Malaysians a great platform such as

Sya_Qif Officials

This app is convenient and trustworthy. By this I think I would love to buy a property, car and more. The rating of this app is greater than "4.5". Which means the customers experience with this app is great.

Tan Phaik Kah

It is a very good platform to sell/buy second-hand/new products. Besides this, it also can search for anything you want. Well done and thank you πŸ˜€

Thiru Muruga

It was so good deal in fastest way to sell ur things. Tq

Stacey Frederick

Good platform to earn extra income. Thank you mudah.


Easy to use, so many good feature.

Jenny Charles

Useful/ safe. Very professional experience so far

Noor Hisham Bin Ahmad Jafri

Really easy or "mudah" and very helpful.

Lim Liang

Nice service and good communication

Muni Leka

Very good to used...the best buy & sell app ever...

Lenovo A7000

Its the most convenient useful easy no. 1 detailed apps in Malaysia. I'd recommend it to all ...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ½

Theo Otieno

Very convenient, works smoothly.

Kow Jenn Soon

Good and user friendly to use.

Azrul Firdaus Mohd Aini

Good apps in looking for second hand items

Ajak Aca

Nice apps for buy and sale anyting you want it

Nana Yuya

The easiest app to sell and make ads

Elias Husain

In mudah you can get many item below market price..You all should try use it to sell any items like antique,book,shirt,gadget phone,music instrusment,house dll. Tq

Gen San

Very good apps to searching things

Amin Yusof

Very useful to find thing to buy and sell.

Isaac Siew

The best RM5 I've spent... is to do bump on for my ads.


If possible it’s better to conduct cash on delivery (COD), between seller and buyer. I have been doing this for over 10 years on and till now, with god’s grace everything have went well. Buy and sell cars everything on Mudah

Pretty Ugly Babe

My experience of selling a car on Mudah was easy. I posted my ad and someone came and view my car and he agreed to purchase. He passed me the cash and I went on to transfer the name, that’s it!

Rospinki is very easy. I have sold two cars so far and everything was smooth. I got a cooperative buyer and within a month I found a serious buyer. They settled all the JPJ and Puspakom and I just receive the money. It’s my good luck as I also bought my car from Mudah and everything was completed and I received the cash.

Zulhelmi Huzzaini

I found my job on Mudah, it’s the best, absolutely easy.

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