The Greatest Deals You Can Find on!, while often mistaken for an e-commerce platform is in actual fact, a marketplace where both buyers and sellers are brought together. What makes this really unique is that there are over 50 categories from the ever popular phones to cars, to the little more niche like collectibles and even plants, so there’s an amazing diversity (and sometimes, randomness) to the things you can find on!

Plus, you’re likely getting them for a bargain and on a good deal. With interaction functions that make it super easy and smooth to contact, inquire and hey, perhaps even negotiate with sellers, you never know what you may just end up taking home!

We’re here to help you discover a little more and point you to the direction of some of the greatest deals on the site. You’re welcome.


BEST DEALS ON CARS is known as Malaysia’s No. 1 Car Marketplace for a reason! Currently it has more than 93,000 vehicles listed – with everything ranging from MPVs, classic cars, super cars, rare, unique or even vintage cars, SUVs, and so much more. And you’re actually in look if you’re reading this right now because the Malaysia’s Biggest Car Sale campaign is currently ongoing with additional discounts and better deals on more than 7000 selected vehicles.


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We get it, there are heaps of furniture stores and websites out there for you to choose from. But what makes a little special is that you’ll be able to find local, custom-made furniture and décor by local craftsmen and carpenters. Here, at, we believe in providing a platform for people such as these to help reach out to a wider audience and most importantly, supporting Malaysian initiatives as much as we can.


The not-so-humble iPhone was top of phone searches in 2019, taking just under one-third share of the total 77 million brand searches for phones. And more specifically, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were the two top searches for iPhones in 2019, accounting for a combined 2.8 million searches on!

And just as luck would have it, our friends at U-Mobile have an amazing deal for the iPhone 7 Plus! Check out their official store on HERE.

But that’s not all – they’re even offering the new iPhone SE for RM499 and awesome rebates for both, postpaid plans and prepaid sign ups! In a time where due to unfortunate circumstances we are left relying more and more on internet access for connectivity and day-to-day needs, this comes as great news. In fact, U Mobile believes that getting unlimited data coupled with new mobile devices should not be an additional financial burden, which is why they’ve launched their Giler Bagi Lebih campaign with these offers. More details can be found by clicking the image below:



There really are some hidden treasures amidst’s more than 87,000 items listed under ‘Hobbies & Collectibles’. If you’re a collector of any kind, be it coins, stamps, figurines, vintage bottles and other rare and unique stuff, like Star Wars for instance, seek out what you long for at Malaysia’s largest marketplace and you just may be pleasantly surprised!


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Once again revolving around the whole theme of not having to burn a hole in your wallet to pursue your passions or to try out a new hobby, is also a great place to seek out Home Appliances & Kitchenware like ovens, mixers, blenders and such. And if baking or cooking may not be your thing, perhaps getting a pre-loved computer or camera may just be what you need. is also a haven for gamers! As they move on from one game or console to another, you’re left not having to spend RM200 for a game and we’ve even seen PS4’s go below the RM1k price range, so keep your eyes peeled for great deals!


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Whether it’s handmade locally or just someone who has moved on from a previous hobby, is the perfect place to start (or hey, maybe resume) your musical journey – and for a bargain too! You don’t really need to splurge when it comes to passion, so go check out our fine selection of guitars, drum kits, keyboards, accessories, parts and the likes.


We hope with this, you are better equipped now with the knowledge of just where to look in for some of the best deals around! And once you’ve seen something you like, don’t forget to follow these important yet Simple Marketplace Safety Tips.

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