Agents on Why They Choose Mudah Property

The pandemic has dramatically impacted countless industries and perhaps one of the most noticeable would be with the property industry. Whether you’re a buyer, seller or investor, the changes are apparent and only when armed with the proper tools and knowledge, would the transition be made smoother. Fortunately for you guys, that’s what Mudah Property is here for.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been determined to provide our users with data, tools and tips from industry experts through workshops, articles and more. From remarketing, to getting more exposure and a better understanding of the current property climate, we’ve compiled a series of videos featuring agents who have successfully utilized Mudah Property to reach their goals.

Mohd Shah is the Group Agency Manager at Landsworth Properties Sdn Bhd and has been in the industry since 2016.

His favourite thing about It’s 7.5 million monthly visitors which he attributes to increasing his property sales and how you can execute your marketing strategy within your budget thanks to some of Mudah’s PRO Niaga features!

Badrul from MN Associates is in his 6th year as a real estate negotiator and has been using since 2015.

In this video, he explains how Mudah’s user-friendliness and the ease of planning and promoting ads on the marketplace have helped him with his career.

Owen Tee is a Group Leader from The Roof Realty who joined the industry by chance and has been in it for 5 years.

He has been using since he started and shares how Mudah makes it seamless to connect with potential buyers.

Ms. Zairul is the Head of Agency for Legacy Real Property Ampang has been in the property industry since 2015 but was already familiar with’s other categories prior to that.

Making the leap into Mudah Property was an easy decision to make for her and it has since become her go-to for property advertising.

One other such person would be Joseph Chan – a successful property agent, co-founder of Kith & Kin Realty and also long-time user of Mudah Property.

Watch as Joseph shares the story of his inspirational journey and provides valuable advice on succeeding as an agent in the video below:

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