Awesome Venom Collectibles You Can Find on Mudah

Now that our local cinemas are back in action, one movie that’s certainly on the must-watch list for many would be ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’. This sequel to the successful 2018 release of ‘Venom’ starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock sees him taking on a fellow symbiote named Carnage (played by none other than Woody Harrelson).

If you’ve been having Venom fever, we’ve put together an interesting compilation of rare, cool and awesome Venom collectibles and merchandise which can all be found right here on Have a look!

*all items were available, and pricing is accurate on the publish date of this article

Custom-Made Venom Helmet

Price: RM400

Ride around town in style and potentially freak some people out in the process with this sick looking custom-made Venom motorcycle helmet. Buy it HERE.

LEGO 76187 Marvel Venom Helmet

Price: RM249

There exists an unwritten rule that if you’re a fan of a character, you should own at least a LEGO or FUNKO version of it. At the very least! So, if you’re a Venom fan, why not consider the LEGO 76187 Venom? If you’ve seen the LEGO 76199 Carnage, you may notice some similarities between the main design of the two but upon closer inspection, the Venom version possesses much more detail.

The oversized jaw packed with dagger-like teeth, the long, twisting tongue and the low, black brow combine to create an unmissable display piece. With a stylish name plaque attached to the sturdy base, this remarkable model will look even more impressive displayed alongside your other Venom collectibles. Buy it HERE.

Venom Posters

Price: RM30+

Commemorate Venom and Carnage’s onscreen standoff with this cool poster featuring special guest Spidey and even Mary Jane and Black Cat. Buy it HERE.

Or perhaps you’re a person who prefers something a little minimalistic? Then this paint-splat Venom art poster might just be what you’re looking for. Buy it HERE.

Venom Statue Sideshow Collectibles 300553

Price: RM13,149

Now here’s something for the true diehard fans of Venom. A 32-inch statue born from the partnership between SideShow and Prime 1 Studio known as, Venom: Dark Origin. This breathtaking piece of art with insane attention to detail just so happens to be the most expensive piece of Venom merchandise on Mudah. Just look at those droplets of saliva!

The last we checked; it’s sold out on the official website so you may want to be swift with this one all you Venom fans. Buy it HERE.

Venom T-Shirts

Price: RM45+

Transform into a partial symbiote yourself with some of these cool Venom tees! Buy it HERE and HERE.

Venom Dodge Viper

Price: RM199 (Sold Out!)

If Venom had a ride, it would undeniably be a Viper – the 2008 Dodge Viper to be exact. This car takes its styling cues directly from Venom and includes a 100% die cast Venom figure. Each vehicle features opening doors, hood and trunk, along with a detailed interior. Would work perfectly well to knock over any Spiderman figurine you may have because you know, we’re Venom. Sometimes we help Spidey, sometimes we attack him.

We weren’t kidding when we said that there were some rare entrees on this list. Upon publishing this article, this unit has been already sold but fortunately for you guys, we’re nice so you can still buy it HERE on Carousell.

Carnage Statue

Price: RM3600

Let’s show some love to the epitome of ultimate insanity, Carnage too. As part of XM Studios’ Marvel Premium Collectibles series comes this amazingly detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish and there are only 800 units produced! Will you be the owner of one of them? Buy it HERE.

Venom Comics

For all you comic book collectors, you may want to check some of these out:

Price: RM1125 (set)

Buy it HERE.

BONUS: Venom Pikachu

Price: RM50

Alright, we have no idea what happened here but if for some reason you were looking for a Venom + Pikachu hybrid, you can get that HERE too.

And there you have it! Some of the rarest, coolest and most interesting Star Wars-related finds we’ve compiled from Remember, always follow our safety tips before making any purchases. Thinking of parting ways with your own collection? There’s a whole hungry Mudah community waiting to pounce on the right item. Start selling HERE!

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