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The Siamese Fighting Fish, more popularly known as the Betta or ‘Ikan Laga’ here in Malaysia, is a freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia. Countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Indonesia are just some of the places where they can be found living among rice paddies, warm flood plains and drainage ditches.

The popularity of this fish really took off in Thailand over 150 years ago, when the King of Siam recognized the popularity of the Siamese Fighting Fish amongst locals with contests and competitions held. This led to the fish getting regulated and taxed and it wasn’t only till a little later that the name ‘Betta splendens’ was given to it – which means “beautiful warrior”. There couldn’t be a more fitting name for these feisty beauties!

Most of the variations of Betta are named after the diverse patterns, colours and tail-shape they have, so it’s very common to get different types of unique and attractive combinations. Here on, there’s just so many different types of Betta to choose from, so we’ve put together a list of some we thought you should check out:

Galaxy Betta

If you see a striking blue coloration on a betta fish, that is most likely an indication of a Galaxy Betta. The ones you see above is a Black Galaxy variation and the other is known as the Giant Candy Galaxy Betta with some yellow and red on its body.

Koi / Marble Betta

Named after the same lovely spotted patterns as the Japanese Koi fish, this variety has beautiful colour patterns, ranging from white, orange, and blue hues. Above, you’ll see a Candy Koi and Yellow Koi Betta variety.

Fancy Betta

This variation is generally known for being vibrant and extremely colourful but for a Betta to be classified as ‘Fancy’, it must only have one solid base colour along with the presence of two colours on the Iridescent Layer (top layer). The one you see above is named after its comic book character inspiration, this specific Hellboy Fancy has a defining and dominant red coloration. The other is a beautiful Yellow Fancy.

DoubleTail Betta

These stylish and fancy looking fellas are known as the DoubleTail Betta and have two distinct tails which are separated at the base. Listed on Mudah Pets as shown above is a DoubleTail Halfmoon Turquoise Butterfly and a Multicoloured DoubleTail Halfmoon Betta. Lovely, aren’t they?

Dumbo / Elephant Ear Betta

Considered one of the more unique and unusual varieties of the Bettas, the Dumbo Betta gets its name from its apparent enlarged pectoral fins which look like elephant ears. They’re considered to be rare, but fortunately for you guys we’ve got a Dumbo Gold Rose Betta and a Dumbo Halfmoon Plakat available on – for now.

Platinum White Betta

Maybe you prefer something less colourful but equally as gorgeous? Then the Platinum White Betta may just be for you!

In addition to what we’ve listed above, there are just so many other varieties of Betta right here on’s Pet category. If you’re thinking of getting accessories and other related stuff for your aquarium, you can find those too!

Remember, always follow our safety tips before making any purchases. Thinking of parting ways with your own fishes or other pets? There’s a whole Mudah community looking for all kinds of pets. Start selling HERE!


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