Buying Used Cars with’s mVIP Makes More Sense

Last week, I visited a couple of used car dealers to find a good deal. After browsing a few listings, I found 2 cars that I wanted to have a look at. The first was a 2014 Proton Perdana, listed for around RM41,000 and the second was a 2015 Renault Fluence which was going for about RM25,000. Unfortunately, I ended up being a little bit disappointed with what I found.

The first problem was that there were loads of hidden fees and costs involved that were not mentioned anywhere. In fact, the salesperson himself did not disclose these fees until I asked him what they were. In the end, the dealership fees ballooned the final “on-the-road” price of both cars by 21-28% versus what they were listed for. This, and the uncertainty of the quality of the cars made me back out of both deals.

There was no urgency for my car purchase, but it made me wonder if other Malaysians had any safer, more straightforward alternatives when buying used cars. Then I remembered the recent collaboration between and MUV called the mVIP programme.

This, to me, solves all the problems I encountered at the dealership. The inspection and transfer would be handled by MUV for a small fee, and not for some bloated price that the dealer demands. What’s more, they even offer a 180 point inspection by MUV, seller and vehicle verification as well as a 12-month warranty that covers quite a lot.

180-point inspection

MUV, who have loads of experience with used vehicles will provide a thorough, 180-point inspection of the vehicle to highlight any potential issues to the next owner. We had a look at some of their inspection reports and they actually do make note of every little thing, like a weak battery or odd noises coming from the air conditioner. These are the sorts of things one might otherwise miss out on.

Extensive Verification

This part is more for making sure you’re not being duped by a scammer or a bad deal. will verify the vehicle’s information matches with what’s on the grant and that the seller is someone who is registered with them. They’ll even make sure the price reflects the current market value for the vehicle in question.

12 Month Warranty

The warranty package is actually the most attractive feature to me. Even the basic protection covers up to RM15,000 of repairs, with the Protection Plus package expanding this to just about every potential problem area and increasing the claim limit to RM50,000.

So if you’re thinking of getting your next used car, why not check on if it’s an mVIP listing first? You could save yourself a lot of money and time.

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