Find Out the True Value of Your Car With This Useful New Feature’s vehicle segment, Mudah Auto has been the ‘go to’ website for Malaysians looking to sell their cars (or buy, and also nearly everything else) for the longest time and we have been using this online classifieds platform for selling and buying cars for many years with no issue.

It is easy, quick to load and the lead response has always been good. The best part is the removal of our used car advertisements which is done easily and also the reactivation of an advertisement is seamless too.

With other online classifieds, the removal of a car advertisement takes a long time, once up to 12 months simply because the website owners wanted to show to the world and their investors that they have thousands of listings yet most of them were expired.

This is why many private car sellers have moved away from the other online classifieds and prefer as they do not want to be bugged by messages and phone calls after a car has been sold and delivered to its new owner.

Still, Mudah Auto has continued to grow and provide new and exciting features. One of the more recent ones has made listing a used car even easier.

It is called the ‘Price Checker’ and it quickly allows you to check what is the average selling price of your car model on is right now. This gives an indication on what your selling price should be to give you a fast sale with the right selling price. You know, its true price, so there’s no room to undervalue the car you intend on selling. Or whether you’re just curious and need an indication as to what the market value is for whatever car model you’re looking for.

Benefits of this system brings more leads and less time wasters. If you’d like quick results, with even some added conveniences thrown in like the Ownership Transfer Assistance and a foolproof, fast (and FREE) ad posting experience, check out Mudah’s Used Car Market Value site for yourself today!

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