Help The Flood Victims #banjir2021

Here Is What You Can Do To Contribute

With the severe flood that has struck Malaysia at the recent weeks, we humbly request Mudahians to assist the victims of #Banjir2021.

Many personal belongings, including as vehicles and residences, have been damaged, and victims are fighting to meet basic needs such as food, drinking water, and clothing while dealing with the terrible consequences.

We can at the very least assist these individuals in obtaining necessary household supplies without placing a hardship on their finances.

Please post your item and leave the price column empty now if you have any excess essentials that you no longer require and are still in good condition. Thank you very much!

Terms & Conditions

1. The item’s worth will be borne by the giver, not by Mudah.
2. Postage or delivery fees will be borne by the giver or the recipient, not by Mudah.
3. Mudah will not publish your listing on the #banjir2021 category page if you do not intend to give your stuff away for free.

Alternatively, you can send in your aid via the channel below


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