How Mudah Property is Helping Enhance the Malaysian Real Estate Experience

Being Malaysia’s leading marketplace, has been the go-to place for people to conveniently sell and find almost anything. A big component of the platform is property, a place where users can find not only their dream homes but also rental spaces. 

Now has taken the next evolutionary step by introducing Mudah Property, a new dedicated site that has been designed to enhance the real estate experience for users. The site is virtual marketplace for everything related to real estate.

Visitors will not only be able to access thousands of property listings across a wide spectrum of categories ranging from apartments to landed real estate but also new, subsale properties as well as rental units.  More than just a property portal, Mudah Property is designed to offer the full measure of the real estate experience. In essence, it is a perfect partner to have on any real estate journey.  

A True Place For Real Estate 

Mudah Property has grown beyond just being a place for visitors to find their dream home or their next real estate investment. The dedicated site is a one-stop shop for property with an abundant choice of listing across multiple categories. As such it serves as an essential tool for buyers, sellers, landlords, renters, agents, and other home professionals. 

The platform offers listings ranging from budget homes (below RM300k) to luxury homes (RM750k and above) as well as a variety of home types such as condominiums, studios, landed homes and bungalows. There are also extensive listings for commercial properties on the site. Owners who want to take charge of their own sale can also access the Direct Owner feature on the platform. 

Here buyers and sellers can source and negotiate the sale of the property without the middleman. Those looking to capitalise on securing a good deal can also check out Hot Properties for markdown deals and discounts. 

Sellers who want to expand their reach can also utilise the Premium Services, which ensures a wider reach towards the intended target audience in order to move their property more efficiently and quickly. 

An Insider’s Guide To Property 

Designed to cater to the needs of property seekers, Mudah Property takes users every step of the way in their property journey. In addition to being a marketplace to discover properties, the platform also equips visitors with essential information to make them better informed about the real estate market. 

Mudah Property now offers an easy-to-use mortgage calculator with customisable interest and tenure to easily calculate the viability of purchase for the property. Users can utilise the calculator to gauge if they can afford the property as well as the monthly mortgage. 

So now that you’ve found your dream home, and figured out the monthly repayments, what’s next? Well, Mudah Property is also a resource for your home improvement needs. The marketplace carries extensive listings for all your home maintenance and improvement needs. This includes access to services such as furnishing, renovations and interior designs to electrical and plumbing as well as moving and cleaning.

In addition to the useful tools and services and listings, Mudah Property also arms you with the latest news and tips regarding Malaysian real estate. Additionally, Mudah.My has also launched a dedicated Facebook page, which features talks, webinars presented by market leaders and stakeholders. 

Acting as a forum to engage, interact and discover useful information with regards to property and beyond, Mudah Property With Agents also serves as an important extension of Mudah Property in the social media space. With expert advice, insider tips and useful articles, Mudah Property is key resource of information and knowledge for both seasoned and novice homeowners and investors.

Take it for a spin today and enhance your Malaysian real estate journey!

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