Preparing for Chinese New Year the Mudah Way

In just a few weeks, the Chinese New Year celebrations for 2022 kicks off as the year of the Tiger gets ushered in. What does the year hold? Well, it is said that it will be the year for big changes, finding enthusiasm both for yourselves and others and adventure.

As with tradition, it also marks the time for family reunions, good food and celebration. We from, thought we’d help you out a little by sharing just how you can use Malaysia’s largest online marketplace to prepare, make some extra cash and find whatever you may need in time for this year’s Chinese New Year.

New Year, New Ride?

Whether you feel it’s time for a bigger family car or just need an upgrade, do it the smart way with the Mudah Vehicle Inspection and Protection (mVIP) feature. Each mVIP vehicle listed comes with a 180-pt inspection report, extensive verification and you can even opt for a warranty for used cars! This CNY, buy your new ride with confidence while enjoying a smooth, safe and seamless experience.

Travel Safe

Are your tires fit for long distance driving? What’s your engine oil situation like? How about those brake pads? If you’re planning on driving this coming CNY, it is highly recommended that you get your vehicle serviced and checked by some of these experts you can find on Mudah Auto. Check out our brand new homepage for everything Auto related HERE!

Declutter Your Wardrobe, Earn Cash, Buy New

If you’ve wondered what to do with some of your extra dresses, shoes and wardrobe as a whole, you’re in luck. Mudah has the perfect community for fashion-related goods where you can earn some cash and find some new outfits to roar into CNY in style!

As The Kids Grow, Your Wallet Can Too

Don’t just leave strollers, baby car seats and other stuff your kids have outgrown laying around the house. These are the kinda stuff children outgrow quickly, so why not sell it to those who need ‘em and make some cash in the process?

Sweep Away The Bad Luck

Thinking of getting finally getting that paint job done before CNY? Isn’t this also about the time the Malaysian sun comes out in its full blazing glory and our ACs decide to fail on us? And don’t forget about all that cleaning up you’ll have to do both, before and after having guests over. If only there was a marketplace that also makes it easy to hire people for these services. Oh, wait! has all that – and more. You’re welcome.

Hidden Home Treasures

While we don’t necessarily mean the Indiana Jones kind of treasures, we’re certain you’ll be able to find some stuff that just hasn’t been touched or used for a while now. Your unused sound system, that spare oven, or that underutilized treadmill maybe? It’s time to let those things go and let your Ang Pao money grow. Plus, it costs absolutely nothing to post up an ad!

Décor for Good Fortune

Usher in the new year by attracting good fortune! Decorations during Chinese New Year are significant to welcome good and harmonious energy into homes, with a majority of Feng Shui-related items carrying symbols of prosperity, longevity and happiness.

Game Night, Anyone?

Whether you’re actually familiar with “pong” and “kong” or if it’s just you wanting to give your elder family members something to do over CNY, or just want to have a fancy-looking mahjong set to display, you’ll be able to find ‘em here in

Looking for something a little less traditional perhaps? You’ll be able to find consoles and some fun multiplayer games to go along with it right here – and if you’re lucky, at a bargain too!

Up Your Video Call and Photo-Taking Game

Wave goodbye to grainy and blurry video calls this coming CNY by getting a new phone! And you don’t have to look anywhere else to sell your old device too. If you’re a shutterbug considering getting a new camera, take the same approach with the old and get a spankin’ new camera to capture those beautiful family reunion moments.

We hope you guys find this list of CNY essentials and tips to make some extra cash useful. From all of us at, Happy Chinese New Year! May the year of the tiger bring you an abundance of health, success, prosperity and happiness.

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