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By simply listing your property ad on Mudah Property, you already are at an advantage by tapping into Mudah’s millions of monthly users. But, there are still some things you can do to make sure your Property ad listing reaches out to the right people, the right way. And as with anything on Malaysia’s largest online marketplace, it’s actually pretty Mudah! Here are the 5 Cs you should remember:


The first thing potential buyers will read would be the title of your Mudah Property listing, which is why it’s important to provide just what people need – nothing more, nothing less. Things you can and should include in the title are: Property Type, Property Name/Specific Location, its Unique Selling Point or USP (corner lot, freehold, etc.) and other Attractive Offers (rebates, down payment offers, etc.) you may have for the property.


This cannot be stressed enough. Nothing stimulates an imagination more than photos. So, when listing your property, pay the most attention to the photos you’re accompanying the listing with. You don’t have to go out and engage a professional photographer (although it will surely help) but taking proper photos even with your smartphone can elevate the listing of your home somewhat.

An easy tip to remember is to always use natural lighting, so taking a photo in the daytime like in the morning of a sunny day will surely amp up the space. An evening and gloomy shot will not do you any favours. Also, tidy up the place, make sure it’s clean and pleasant and ensure you get the good angles to show off the unit, its space, and its best features such as the view, big bathroom etc.


While we understand that you the sentimental value or personal touches you may have attached to your property could affect your selling price, it is advisable to first look at what the market is like. All it takes is a quick search on Mudah Property to give you a better idea of what the current and competitive market pricing for the type of property you wish to sell or rent.


It doesn’t have to be lengthy, so just a list of important details of a property like location, amenities, facilities, size, furnishing (if any), number of rooms etc. and other pertinent details to that piece of real estate. Keep it short and simple!

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Think of how your piece of property would appeal towards them and then work your advert (or pitch) towards this segment. Plus points such as being nearby to public transportation such as an LRT should also be in your copy as it will prove enticing especially to those looking to capitalise on their daily commute. 


With so many users buying, selling and browsing on Mudah, some may find it difficult to get their ad listings to stand out or obtain a wider reach. Fortunately, we have just the solutions for that in the form of Mudah’s Premium Services offered. With it, comes useful tools which will allow you to track, monitor and take action if visibility is low for your ad(s).

Here’s some GOOD NEWS! For a limited time only, Mudah Property is offering a Bump Bundle promo which provides the best value to reach out to more potential buyers! More info can be found below:

By taking these simple yet effective steps and fully utilizing all the useful tools Mudah Property has introduced for you, your ads are well on their way of standing out! Happy selling and stay safe.

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