Things Are Now Even More Mudah With ‘Bump Scheduler’!

What is a ‘Bump’?

If you’ve seen online forums, you may have seen people going “Bump!” in some threads and the reason for this is pretty simple. A “Bump” is used when a post or in our case, an ad listing hasn’t gotten any replies and has been pushed lower as more and more new ads come in. In other words, a “Bump” allows your ad to go on top of the listing as if it had just been put online.

Why should you use ‘Bump’?

Well, there are some backing statistics that indicate “Bumped” ads have a 77% higher ad-reply rate as compared to non-bumped ad listings (based on an analysis of 100 “bumped” and “non-bumped” ads from the Property Segment, 2019,

What are my options? users currently have the option of choosing between 1, 7 or 14 days to have your ad “bumped”. And now, we’re even introducing ‘Bump Scheduler’ for your convenience! With the new ‘Bump Scheduler’, you can select the day and time to ‘Bump’ your ads for the weeks to come.

How do I use ‘Bump Scheduler’?

Just follow the simple steps below:


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