You’ve Got a Lead!

What are Leads?

Leads is a useful feature that allows you to scroll through a list of interested buyers for whatever it is you’re selling along with their price offers. The list comes with all the contact details you would need to contact buyers and take your potential sale to the next step.

Benefits of Leads:

Now, instead of having to wait for would-be buyers to get in touch with you, you can filter through your list of interested buyers and their offers and reach out to them whenever you like!

How do Leads work?

After an interested buyer has seen your ad, they can make an offer for what you’re selling.

But worry not! They won’t be able to just throw in any random number they think of. A price range recommendation will be provided to interested buyers, along with the option to make offers for similar listed items based on their search criteria. What this also means is, as a seller, your property or vehicle could show up as similar recommendations for other ads too! In other words, MORE LEADS!

 Where can I find my Leads?

Now comes the best part – going through the offers of potential buyers. Here’s all that you need to do:

Step 1:

Log in to your PRO Niaga dashboard. Check out the New Leads section as shown below or click on Leads from the top navigation bar.

Step 2:

All interested buyers who have reached out with their offers will be listed as shown in the screenshot above – with all their relevant details and contact info! It’s as easy as that.

Now go on and try posting up a few ads and watch as leads flow in. Happy Selling! 

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