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Being Malaysia’s leading online marketplace, Mudah.my continues to be the go-to place for people to conveniently sell and find almost anything. A big component of the platform is its Auto segment, a place where users can find not only their dream cars, but also provides a safe and smooth experience for selling.

Now Mudah.my has taken the next evolutionary step by introducing Mudah Auto, a new dedicated site that has been designed to further enhance the vehicle buying and selling experience for users. The site is essentially a virtual marketplace for everything related to vehicles!

The usual process of getting a vehicle goes something like this: you browse and search to find a suitable vehicle that’s within your budget, if you’ve got an older vehicle to trade in or sell off, you’ll need to sort that out too. Then maybe you’ll look for upgrades, whether it’s new tires or other accessories and if there are certain things that you need fixed by a professional, you would engage with a mechanic or a workshop. And let’s not forget insurance renewals and when the time comes to sell your vehicle to someone else, there’s also the matter of ownership transfer and knowing what the current market value is.

Well, you can do ALL that and more with the new Mudah Auto homepage!

Visitors will not only be able to access more than 100,000 vehicle listings across a wide spectrum of categories ranging from SUVs to bikes, but will also be able to find car accessories (tyres, electronics, audio parts, oils and more) and even workshops and repair specialists. If you’re looking for commercial vehicles like trucks, vans and more, all it takes is a click of a button to bring you to thousands of choices.

We even have a solution for those of you who simply can’t decide on what car to get with our useful buyer guides from veteran car expert, Daniel Fernandez of DSF himself.

More than just an Auto marketplace, Mudah Auto is designed to cater to all your automotive needs with the recent additions of the Price Checker, Insurance Renewal and even Ownership Transfer options for your convenience.  Adding on more to the safety element is the Mudah Vehicle Inspection & Protection (mVIP) feature which offers a 180-point inspection by MUV, seller and vehicle verification as well as a 12-month warranty even covering used cars!

So, whether you’re thinking of buying, selling, repairing, ‘pimping’ up your car, renewing your insurance or if you’re simply curious about what the going price is for certain vehicles, let the all-new Mudah Auto homepage be at your service.

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  1. Perhaps all the category will show the details more perfectly.. So the buyer could make a choice really carefully without any doubt.. Make it more excellent .

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