Why Second-hand Can & Should Become Your First Choice

Temptations Everywhere

People buy a lot of stuff; you guys certainly must agree – especially during these times when you’re stuck at home. You’d probably be itching to get new stuff for your garden, balcony and hey, you deserve something new and shiny too, don’t you? And even if there was that little question at the back of your mind on whether you really need those items, those seemingly never-ending discounts on e-commerce sites are ready to flush any doubts away.

The added convenience of having almost anything delivered right to your doorstep certainly adds to the appeal of adding items to your cart.

This then most likely leads you to having an overly packed room filled with buried unused items – or they’ve gone down the path of becoming unwilling furniture for you to put stuff on top of. But what if we told you that these pre-loved items could be exactly what someone else is looking for?

A Win-Win Situation for Others & The Environment 

Not everyone has the luxury or financial ability to just buy something brand new each time when they feel like it. RM100 could be what you consider spare change used for a day, yet to another, it could mean something more. Similarly, these items could really make a positive change – both, to someone else’s life and even to the environment. Now isn’t that a win-win situation?

For most items, manufacturers use oil, wood and other natural resources in the production process which are either non-renewable or take extremely long to renew. The two industries believed to manufacture products with shorter lifespans to perpetuate consumerism and the buy-throw mindset are Electronics and Fashion goods according to the Carousell Recommerce Index 2021 Report.

Also in the report are these images which provide an indication of how our environment was impacted in 2019 (based on research by the United Nations University, Asia):

And the numbers for electronics is estimated to double in volume over the next 30 to 50 years! More on all this can be found HERE.

Well, there’s some good news and you, reading this right now, can make a change! Almost anything pre-owned can be bought these days from furniture, phones (especially when new models are released so often), books, kitchen appliances, toys and collectibles, items for kids like strollers and baby seats, décor items, cars, clothes and more.

This Ramadan, Take the First Step with Us 

During Ramadan, Muslims partake in fasting not only to experience hunger and thirst, but also to better themselves in the principles of faith. Thus, Ramadan, which encourages Muslims to fully embrace the universal principles of mercy, compassion and respect, also provides an ideal opportunity for them to re-evaluate their lives, reflect on their relationship with surroundings.

This Ramadan, join us as Malaysia’s largest preloved marketplace and take the first step towards a ‘green lifestyle’ which encourages moderation and being non-wasteful. Spread the word and encourage others to hop on the good cause too and together, we can work towards being more environmental friendly and improve the quality of life.

Even the simple act of opting for an e-card instead reduces your carbon footprint. Take the first step with us HERE.

If you’re looking for new furniture in time for the festivities, or simply because you think it’s time for a living room refresh, you’d be surprised at what you could find right here on Mudah’s Furniture & Decoration category. From curtains, sofa covers, table cloths, couches, dining tables and more, you may even come across some really talented carpenters and their handmade selections!

Similarly, the Home Appliances & Kitchen category is another popular one among those seeking to upgrade their existing ovens, fridges, mixers and more. For some inspiration, we’ve even got the recipes of popular Raya dishes and treats to get you started!

And as you make way for the new, you could pass on your preloved ones to someone who may need it and make some additional money while you’re at it!


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