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Mudah Pets is not only home to furry, scaly, and feathered friends but also has all that you need to make sure they’re comfortable, well-fed, nicely groomed and have enough accessories to keep them busy and entertained!

Whether you’re looking for an aquarium, pet carrier, supplements, grooming equipment or anything else your pet may need, find them right here on’s Pet category. We’ve put together a list of some essentials and accessories that you might need to get you started:

Pet Houses

Whether it’s a 3-storey “Cat Condominium” for your spoilt feline or a spacious kennel for your doggo, you’ll be spoilt for choice with what you can find on Mudah Pets.

Pet Grooming Items

As much as we wish we could train our pets to take a shower on their own, even Cesar Millan would have to admit defeat for this one. Your best bet? Send your pet(s) to a groomer or if you’re up for it, get your shampoo, conditioner, grooming tools and we even found a “Pet Fur Blower” for sale.

All Your Aquarium Needs

Did you know Mudah Pets is a favourite among the aquarists’ community? Some amazing varieties and options of Arowanas and Betta Fish can be found on Mudah and of course, along with it, all your necessities like aquariums, nets, anti-chlorine and more.

Cat Hammocks

Apparently, cats like to just “hang out” by the window, staring out and pondering about life. Although, we’re more convinced they’re just plotting to murder all the birds they see. If this sounds like your cat, get it a Cat Sleeping Hammock right HERE.

Other Pet Essentials:

Pet Food

Litter Box

Cages / Carriers

Aquarium Pumps

Remember, always follow our safety tips before making any purchases. Thinking of parting ways with your own pet items? Start selling HERE!

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