Premium Services and its Benefits

“Why should I pay extra when I can just get my ad up on Mudah for free?” Ah, isn’t that the million-dollar question. One we aim to address and hopefully clear all doubts about with this article. Let’s get to…

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Is It Best to Rent or Buy? Insight from Expert Chris Tan

Is it best to rent or buy property in Malaysia today? The decision between renting a property or buying is often one of finances. But even for people lucky enough to have a choice, what are the pros and cons…

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Property Crowdfunding Framework to Support Home Ownership

1. Innovative Mechanism Leverage on Technology-enabled and innovative mechanism for first-time homebuyers. 2. Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Adopt the existing P2P crowdfunding framework. 3. Listings of Properties Listing of individual property purchase proposal by first-time homebuyers for the selection of crowdfunding investors….

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Property Tips 2019

5 Quick Property Tips for 2019 in Malaysia

The latest Budget 2019 announced by the Malaysian government saw the introduction of several new housing allowances – many of which left the average Malaysian cheering “YAY!” Not surprising, seeing as the overall thrust of the policies was to help…

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Property Outlook 2019

Property Outlook 2019: What can we expect? What do we look at?

At this point, no one can agree on how the property market will perform in 2019. Some associations and analysts are optimistic and say more buyers and investors will appear in the coming months. Other ‘experts’ and industry observers look…

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Budget 2019 Affordable Homes

Budget 2019: A big boost for affordable homes

The affordable housing market is clearly a winner in Budget 2019. The government announced several measures to encourage buyers to acquire homes priced at RM500,000 and below. Here, are the latest changes to the property market that agents need to…

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Quick Guide for Property Taxes

Property taxes are the responsibility of homeowners and it certainly helps new homebuyers to know what taxes they have to pay to buy and own a property. Here’s an easy guide on property taxes you can share with your clients:…

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SST Impact on Property

What you need to know about SST?

On September 1, the Sales and Service Tax (SST) came into effect and the Goods and Service Tax (GST) was abolished. So, how does the SST impact the property industry and agents now? First some good news. Prices for property…

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